I started PCM Collectibles because my mother, who has Alzheimer’s dementia, ran out of long-term care insurance money in December 2019. At the time, she only had about 5 years of savings left to pay for the cost of her care.

As her only child, I knew I had to do something to supplement her savings in order to keep her from outliving her money. So, I started PCM Collectibles to help take care of my mother. I had always collected comic books from the age of 10 and after the moviegoing community embraced the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I realized that there were other collectors like me who value the arts – movies, music, works of art, and powerful fictional and nonfictional storytelling.

PCM Collectibles has an array of items ranging from sports, movies, comic books, and rare books that will ignite your appreciation of the events of your life in which you have found meaning, and derived pleasure. If you count yourself as both a serious and enthusiastic collector of memorabilia, you can whet your appetite in our shop with both ease and convenience.

What sets us apart from other collectibles is our commitment to provide obtainable products while preserving quality for our customers. PCMC knows the value of what we possess, and how priceless our collection is to fans across the country. Collectors of diverse backgrounds can search and find their favorite sports knick-knack or childhood collectible on our website with the peace of mind that our catalogue prides itself on its authenticity.


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